Tips for good health 6


Tips for good health 6

Away from drug and drug bottles, we are able to protect ourselves from diseases and revel in physiological state throughout our life years, if we respect the straightforward and natural health rules that specialists recommend. Applying these rules and advice usually doesn’t cost us any effort, nor an exceptional time, as is clear within the following group:-

1. Spend longer within the arms of nature:

Studies show that folks who sleep in rural areas in western societies enjoy better health in their youth and maturity, compared to urban dwellers. Researchers at their University of Durham believe that this can be thanks to the innate need of humans to remain near nature and also the countryside, but that doesn’t mean that we all need to move from town and sleep in the countryside. Rather, we will take pleasure in the positive impact of nature through persistence on visiting parks, gardens, and mountains and spending enough time in them. the best is to travel daily to an area stuffed with trees and green plants.

2. Allocating half an hour daily for physical activities:

Dr. Lynn Sharkas, from Kings College in London, asserts that persistent walking or jogging for half an hour, 3 times every week, can delay the onset of aging symptoms for several years. She adds that regular and moderate-strength physical activities contribute greatly to reducing the chance of disorder, type 2 diabetes, high vital sign, and cancer and obesity. It also enhances the body’s ability to defend itself against various diseases.

3. Drinking tea:

Drinking 14 cups of tea leaf and tea per week helps to cut back cholesterol levels by 44%, and drinking only 10 cups reduces these levels by 25%. Better to drink strong and concentrated tea. Studies have shown that tea bags, which are left soaked in plight for a full five minutes, release into the water a quantity of polyphenols (which are powerful antioxidants present in tea, and are effective in fighting diseases) by 15% over they release. the luggage are quickly off from the water.

4. Increasing the number of garlic in dishes:

Researchers at John Moores University showed that just eating one clove of garlic per day can reduce the degree of pathogenic free radicals by 48%. This reduces the danger of cancer, arthritis, system disorders, arterial blockage, and high cholesterol levels.

5. Inserting good fats into your daily recipes:

Polyunsaturated fats play a very important role in relieving high vital sign. It came in an exceedingly report published by the Journal of Medical Food by 5% among women who added vegetable oil to their food for 45 days, because of the actual fact that vegetable oil contributes to reducing the number of cholesterol produced by the liver.

6. Joining a golf club:

The specialist Anders Ahlbaum , who supervised a study conducted in Sweden, says that golf is distinguished from the opposite by requiring it to remain outdoors and within the arms of nature for several hours, additionally to exercising that needs walking quickly at a distance of 6 or 7 kilometers. So golf combines the advantages of nature with the advantages of physical activity.

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