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The causes of the appearance of wrinkles and methods of treatment

The causes of the appearance of wrinkles and methods of treatment

It is said that wrinkles, or as you’re referred to as age lines, tell us the story of your life, but what does one think about the story of its title “Permanent Youth”, which is told by the fresh skin freed from wrinkles and other signs of aging, from the pigmentation of the skin and also the dryness of the skin and its lack of elasticity.

First, so as to urge a skin that radiates youthful and shine, you wish to induce to grasp your skin well, to work out what causes the causes that form and paint wrinkles on its surface?, to work out how you’ll be able to help it to delay the looks of those lines on it? Or until they’re removed first, let’s first study the kinds of wrinkles:

What sorts of wrinkles appear on the face?

Laughter wrinkles: These are the fine lines that appear once you laugh as a results of pulling some muscles in certain areas of the face, often round the mouth and eyes.
Wrinkles of anger: The horizontal lines that appear on the forehead (forehead) when signs of discomfort and anger are visible on the face, often deep and clear.
Stare wrinkles: this kind of line appears when the eyes are narrowed to work out something far and blurred, like trying to determine within the afternoon when the sun is at its height.
Makeup wrinkles: the tactic of removing make-up plays an enormous role within the formation of your wrinkles, especially round the eyes, and employing a harsh method to wipe cosmetics off your face or employing a rough towel will increase your chances of wrinkles appearing.
Watch! Women have more wrinkles than men round the mouth area, mainly because men have more sweat glands and a robust blood circulation within the thin vessels round the mouth.

Causes of wrinkles

There are many reasons for the looks and formation of wrinkles, and these is divided into three groups:

The first group: the causes that aren’t manageable, and form a part of our attribute such as: aging, which results in the loss of the skin to its flexibility and moisture gradually, becomes more likely to seem and develop wrinkles, and therefore the other reason is heredity, you frequently inherit from your family this characteristic, knowing that the genetic factor controls only thirty percent of the chance of the looks of wrinkles.
Group 2: the explanations that fall within our will, and so we are able to control them, first and foremost exposure to harmful sunlight where it’s the most catalyst for the looks of wrinkles, the subsequent reason is smoking, if you’re a smoker, you’re 10 times more likely to develop wrinkles than non-smoking females.
Group 3: Which is partially controlled, are facial expressions that cause the looks of wrinkles within the future, including laughter, anger and staring, and also the sort of skin plays a crucial role within the appearance of those wrinkles, where dry skin is more likely to seem than other skin types, and people with light skin and blue eyes are more likely to look on age lines in step with a study published by Mayo clinic.

Ways to treat and delay the looks of wrinkles

The development of cosmetic medicine has allowed the event of the many techniques and methods to treat many beauty problems, including wrinkles, we’ll then review a spread of medical preparations and techniques that have proven effective in reducing or maybe removing wrinkles (remember to consult your doctor before using any of those methods and preparations):

Retionoids to treat wrinkles

Retinoids extracted from antiophthalmic factor are one amongst the simplest tried and effective ways to enhance the looks of signs of aging from wrinkles, pigmentation, etc., but when used redness and peeling, but these symptoms quickly disappear with the onset of positive results, and you wish a prescription from a specialist before using this sort of cream.

Fruit acids to treat wrinkles

Or because it is medically called Alphahydroxy acids: completely safe, and its use is in the middle of slight irritation with redness, which are essentially natural acids that exfoliate the skin, and reduce pigmentation, where it’s considered one in all the foremost important medical peeling creams, and you’ll get the identical effect through natural masks by mixing lemon with a quantity of dried milk and plenty of other recipes.

Antioxidants (Anti Oxidant) delay the looks of wrinkles

These antibiotics include a spread of vitamins such as: (A, C, E) and are found frequently in tea leaf and a few forms of fruits, and there are cosmetics containing antioxidants like some forms of foundation creams that provide the skin with some protection from the sun, but don’t replace sunscreen even during winter, you wish a protective factor found in protective creams which delays the looks of wrinkles.


Since the employment of moisturizers helps to extend the elasticity of the skin, but it’s not effective for deep wrinkles; Not removed because the manufacturers of those preparations claim.

Laser wrinkle treatment

Doctors use it to exfoliate the surface layer of the skin and stimulate the assembly of collagen protein that provides the skin its youthful appearance, a expensive treatment that a specialist has to perform.

Plastic surgery for wrinkles

Because (the latest ironing solutions), even cosmetic doctors don’t opt to resort to surgery and expose the body to anesthesia and scalpel unless another solution is accessible, this surgery tightens the face by tightening the forehead and removing excess skin, so we advise you before visiting the operating theater to debate together with your doctor about the expected results of surgery and balancing the risks with the advantages of this procedure.

Botox injections to cover wrinkles

This procedure has become a good audience among women for its ease and rapid results, where it’s recommended by doctors because it doesn’t carry side effects, where it’s supported filling the areas of the looks of wrinkles with Botox (a substance injected into the facial muscles to get rid of wrinkles), become sat on one level, and continues to boost through it for several months with repeated injections, attentively to the very fact that the efficacy of this treatment depends on the skill of the doctor who injects tex, and also the quality of botox employed in the injection process.

Ways to forestall the looks of wrinkles

Not much are often done after wrinkles appear, but you’ll take some preventive steps which will delay the looks of signs of aging, so we’ll provide you with a variety of tips and preventive measures for young skin for as long as possible:

You can delay the looks of wrinkles by using moisturizers that protect your skin from dehydration, and using a number of the medical preparations accustomed treat wrinkles like alpha hydroxy acids, and antioxidants at an early age that may help delay the looks of wrinkles on your skin.
The main reason for the looks of wrinkles is exposure to harmful sunlight, what are you able to do to avoid the harmful effects of the sun, frankly you’ll be able to do lots, from applying a protective protective condom (30) or more on a each day, whether or not you’re traveling your car, wearing sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, or maybe wearing light colors that reflect sunlight, unlike dark colors that help absorb large amounts of UV radiation.
Massage your face with natural substances rich in omega-3, which is able to facilitate your restore and rejuvenate your skin cells, which is found in almond tree oil, milk cream and animal oil.
Adopt natural skin masks and apply them today to avoid tomorrow’s wrinkles, like a milk mask, banana and orange mask, which is one in every of the simplest recipes for skin aging, enriched with vitamins necessary to come up with collagen protein within the skin, which supplies your skin its youthful appearance, and a milk mask that tightens and cleans your facial pores.