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Causes of hand sweating and treatment

Causes of hand sweating and treatment

The main reason for sweating is overheating, no matter the temperature itself, and positively there are many other reasons for sweating the opposite hands that we’ll review as follows:


Causes of hand sweating

There are many reasons for sweating your hands that may surprise you, including:

1. Genes

There is a powerful relationship between genes and hand sweating, with a 2002 study conducted at the University of California proving that several cases of excessive sweating of hands are the results of genes transmitted from generation to generation.
Hyperhidrosis is somewhat genetic.

2. Stress and stress

People sweat your hands in many situations related to stress and stress, like marriage or speaking publically speeches.

This is because in cases of stress or stress, the body enters a stage referred to as fight-or-flight response, resulting in the discharge of the strain hormones epinephrine and cortisol.

These hormones, while important and their role in helping humans cater to these conditions, increase blood heat, causing sweating of hands.

3. Caffeine

Drinking caffeinated drinks, like black or tea leaf, and low can contribute to increased hand sweating.

4. The duct gland

People with excessive sweating usually sweat from a specific style of duct gland called the sweaty exocrine gland, these sweat glands frame about 2-4 million in your body, causing sweat especially on your hands, legs and face.

5. Low glucose

Low blood glucose problems can exacerbate the matter of sweating your hands.

In general, the anatomy needs never-ending supply of energy to figure efficiently, but once you don’t eat sugars or stay without food for long periods, it results in problems with blood glucose levels.

In order to adapt the body to the present condition it releases stress hormones, such as: adrenaline that stimulates the secretion of sugar from the body, which causes sweating of the hands.

6. Causes of sweating of other hands

The presence of a medical condition which will also cause sweating of the hands:

Menopause and therefore the hot flashes that accompany it.
Infections and infections, like tuberculosis or septicemia.
Endocrine diseases, including diabetes and thyroid disorders.
Rheumatoid arthritis.
Nervous system problems, including degenerative disorder (i.e. Parkinson’s) and stroke.
Heart attack.

Tips for managing hand sweating

You can follow the following pointers if you suffer from excessive sweating in your hands:

Put antiperspirants on the palm of your hands before visiting sleep.
Avoid smoking and foods that contain plenty of spices.
Bathe daily, but avoid saunas and hot baths to avoid overheating.
Use relaxation techniques to avoid stress and stress, like meditation and deep breathing.

Surgical and other procedures
Other treatments for hyperhidrosis include:

Heat wave therapy. during this style of treatment, the device that emits wave energy is employed to eliminate sweat glands. Treatments encompass two sessions of 20 to half-hour for 3 months. Possible side effects are a change in skin sense and a few disorders. This treatment could also be expensive and not widely available.
Removal of the exocrine gland. If you simply have hyperhidrosis in your armpits, removing sweat glands may help eliminate this problem. there’s a minimally invasive surgical method called mast abrasion, which can even be an option if you are doing not reply to other treatments.
Neurosurgery (thoracic friendly cutting). During this procedure, the surgeon cuts, burns or captures the spinal nerves that control hand sweating. In some cases, this procedure may cause excessive sweating in other areas of the body (compensatory exposure). Surgery is usually an option for one head and neck sweats. The disparity during this procedure disrupts nerve signals without removing the friendly nerve (friendly incision).