Oily skin treatment for men


Oily skin treatment for men

Men with oily skin suffer from the identical problems that girls are exposed to, due to the rise within the levels of sebum secretion of their skin, which may be a reasonably embarrassment for them now and then, and therefore the most vital thing is their constant full of the looks of pimples and acne that they generally try and hide by releasing beards, but this solution isn’t suitable for everybody, What are the ways to treat oily skin for men? What are the foremost appropriate methods for greasy skin take care of men?

Causes of accelerating oily skin problems for men and their treatment
Many don’t seem to be encouraged to travel into facial cosmetic surgery for men except in cases of utmost necessity to limit this sort of culture to some, but the matter isn’t limited to the current point, as men are usually blind to ways to worry for his or her skin and thus their problems increase, especially with oily skin.

The most common reasons for the rise in oily skin problems for men:

Not taking care of pimples and not treating acne

The ignorance of the bulk of men’s oily skin care methods causes a rise within the size of pimples and acne on the face, so the matter worsens over time if a cream or lotion isn’t used for shiny skin.

Excessive sweating

In people with oily skin that’s already experiencing increased sebum secretion, excessive sweating usually clogs the pores.

Testosterone increases

Testosterone can increase the proportion of oils that are excreted everywhere the body, including the face, which might be observed especially for people with oily skin, and it’s one among the matters that has got to be resolved by medical methods.

Wrong eating habits

The wrong dietary habits of eating preserved or very greasy foods increase the secretion of oils on the face.

The difference between oily skin for men and girls

There are several differences between oily skin for men and oily skin for girls, which make men’s problems with oily skin quite women, the foremost important of which are:

Male skin is understood for its excessive secretion of fatty substances, likewise as its pores are usually wider than women, and contains an abundance of testosterone. Therefore, oily skin for men requires a degree of care, cleaning and constant fat balance, especially in light of the neglect of most men of the proposal to depend upon chemical peeling
The outer layer of the skin of male skin is thicker than that of ladies, at a rate ranging between 20 and 30%, so men are less likely to develop wrinkles than women.

Male blood circulation increases, making the face more prone to redness due to dilated blood vessels
The amount of fat secreted by men decreases after puberty compared to women, so men’s skin is usually drier
On the other hand, men’s skin is more prone to the appearance of more hair follicles and glands that produce more sebum, making it more prone to the appearance of pimples and pimples.

Methods for treating oily skin for men

For the sake of treating oily skin for men, there are several steps that guarantee the elimination of oily skin problems that are considered chronic for the bulk, including:

Reducing face washing times

Although oily skin suffers from excessive sebum secretions, the frequent daily washing of the face causes a rise in these secretions rather than getting obviate them, and specifically within the case of using regular soap or some kinds of lotions not suitable for greasy skin, especially with continuous drying, it should make true worse.

Therefore, it’s preferable to use a special lotion for shiny skin, including products rich in natural substances, without washing the skin quite twice every day.

Wash the face with warm water

Instead of cold or plight, warm water is that the most suitable choice in treating oily skin for men, because it works to induce eliminate excess skin oils and reduces the method of sebum secretion on the skin.

Avoid using moisturizing creams

Oily skin is that the last sort of skin that needs any additional moisturizing ingredients. Supplying it with more moisturizers contributes to the rise within the accumulation of sebum above the pores.

Use moisturizing oils for the skin

Many believe that the primary criteria for preserving and treating oily skin for men is to remain off from any kinds of oils so as to not decline, but on the contrary, research has shown that there are some forms of oils that, if utilized by oily skin owners, constitute a sort of deception for the skin and push it to cut back Its sebum secretions then pay off, and among them are skin care products rich in jojoba oil, which helps get eliminate acne and blackheads furthermore.

Not touching the skin frequently

It is preferable to not get familiar with placing the hands over the cheeks or leaning on your head on the palm of the hand lots, as this works on the transfer of oils and possibly acne from one area to a different, and it’s preferable to not scratch the face with the hands or the other tool.

Lifestyle and dietary changes

The increase in sebum production is full of hormonal changes, so it’s preferable to form a significant decision to vary the diet, and also the most vital steps to attain this are:

Avoid eating high-fat foods

Reducing the intake of prepackaged and prepackaged meals

Reduce your intake of spicy foods

Eat more vegetables and fruits

Eat foods rich in fiber rather than fat

Reducing the intake of dairy products, as their hormones help to extend the secretion of sebum within the skin with the rapid appearance of acne.

Use of magnesium-treated milk for greasy skin

Dermatologists recommend using magnesium-treated milk within the men’s oily skin care program, especially because it is offered and affordable and is in a position to scale back pore secretions for shiny substances, so all you have got to try to to is apply it to the skin after cleaning it for five to 10 minutes then wash your face well. you may notice results after a long time.

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