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All You Would Like To Know About Bananas Part 2

All You Would Like To know about Bananas Part 2


Bananas are a Vital Food During Ramadan

In the blessed month of Ramadan, we always seek for foods that strengthen the body during the long hours of fasting, and doctors advise that eating bananas during the suhoor meal helps provide the body with sufficient energy that the body needs during the holy month of Ramadan, especially during the long fasting hours during the day.

Bananas contain all complex carbohydrates, which are good sources of energy, during fasting hours, so doctors advise eating bananas and an amount of beans or legumes with vegetables in Suhoor so as to take care of energy during fasting.

On the opposite hand, dear fasting person, you’ll be able to eat bananas through juice and eat them to induce the natural sugars that enter the body and have the benefit of them, and thus the body is supplied with all the weather like energy, sugars and a few vitamins and minerals, and these elements are needed by the fasting person plenty a day.

It seems that the Muslims of geographical region, especially within the countries of Malaysia and Indonesia, understood this benefit, so that they made bananas one amongst the essential fruits within the breakfast and suhoor meals during the blessed month of Ramadan, so as to get all the nutrients necessary for the body.

Red and Green Bananas and Their Benefits

If the famous banana within the world is that the yellow banana, then there are other forms of banana, like the green banana, which we mentioned a long time ago, and it’s the immature green banana, which is characterized as containing an outsized amount of resistant starch, which contributes to several benefits to the body, including on for instance, controlling diabetes, especially type II, stimulating satiety signals to the brain, in addition as contributing to weight loss, and it contains an outsized number of compounds that contain oxidants, and these materials increase within the case of banana ripeness, so the compounds that contain It contains antioxidants, making it more beneficial for the body. any way; Green bananas aren’t the perfect choice for eating, except in terms of taking advantage of the important antioxidants present in them.

With this green banana color, there are red bananas, which resemble yellow bananas in taste and taste, as they contain a sweeter flavor than yellow bananas and resemble the taste of cranberries, and this red quit red bananas after they ripen more turns to orange or yellow sometimes .

As for the nutrients in red bananas, they’re very numerous. They contain many vitamins like B vitamin, vitamin C, dietary fiber, potassium, antioxidants and other nutrients that are beneficial for general health.

What Does One Fathom Plantain?

There is what’s called the plantain, which is that the banana called the tracheophyte that belongs to the monocot family, and this banana is characterized by its great flexibility and sweet taste, and it’s many names like plantain or sweetener banana, which is employed in some sweets.

The plantain is one in all the wonderful fruits in taste at the stage of its maturity, because it resembles the taste of sweet potatoes within the pre-ripening stage, therefore the fruits of the plantain have an exquisite taste, but this can be not the sole information about these wonderful fruits, but rather it’s considered to possess many benefits, because it carries Great nutritional value for the body, and therefore the fruits of the plantain contain the foremost important vitamins like axerophthol, which is that the vitamin that contributes and helps the body to grow in an exceedingly proper and proper manner. It also helps with good vision, enhance immunity, integrity of tissues and blood vessels, and enhance sexual ability.

Among the vitamins found within the fruits of the plantain is additionally adermin, which is one in every of the important vitamins that maintains the body’s energy and metabolism, and has great benefit for youngsters because it helps the expansion of brain cells, and is vital for the amount of pregnancy for the expansion of the fetus, and you, dear woman, can eat these fruits During the lactation period so as to assist and protect your child from cardiovascular diseases, which is that the same function and benefit that it carries with adults when eating these fruits.

The plantain also contains a decent proportion of antioxidant, which acts as an antioxidant, keeps all cells from damage, reduces the chance of infection and enhances the strength of bones and teeth, and performs the task of iron absorption, collagen production within the blood, and helps to the method of wound healing and full recovery.

As for the potassium element, it’s considered one in all the foremost important mineral elements found within the fruits of the plantain. it’s known that the fruits of bananas generally are a source of rich sources of potassium, and also the plantain is one amongst the fruits that contain a high percentage of potassium, which makes this element vital in many From the health aspects, potassium works to take care of fluid volume all told cells of the body, and also contributes to reducing high force per unit area.

And doctors advise athletes particularly to eat the fruits of the plantain fruit, in order that they get a high percentage of potassium, which is extremely important for the muscles.

One of the important elements that are found within the fruits of the plantain is additionally resistant starch, especially within the immature fruits of it, as nutritionists advise eating bananas of this unripe type because it enhances the sensation of satiety and fullness, and helps to not raise glucose within the body because it contains a percentage of they’re high in starch, additionally to maintaining the health of the intestines by nourishing the stomach and intestines and supplying them with beneficial bacteria that improve digestion and maintain the gastrointestinal system. immature.

Banana Benefits For Kids

Children need banana fruits badly, because bananas support them with the most elements, like vitamin A, C, D and K, additionally to other mineral elements like folate, choline, manganese, selenium, phosphorous, copper and other essential minerals for the juvenile body.

Therefore, we advise parents that children should eat bananas in any respect stages of their life, whether infants through mashing bananas and additives thereto and eating it, or within the older stages by eating it daily on a nonstop basis in order that these important health benefits and also the rich nutrients of bananas are obtained.

Banana Benefits For Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders must obtain some nutrients that help them build muscle, and these important nutrients that has got to be obtained from these players are potassium and straightforward carbohydrates, and this can be what bananas provide for them.

Therefore, nutritionists advise the requirement of eating bananas as a snack after daily exercise, so as to assist them in many health aspects like maintaining the body from dehydration and loss of water and salts, additionally to compensating the body with the weather lost during physical exercise.

According to a study published by the general public Library of Science in 2012, bodybuilders who eat bananas or drink banana juice get carbohydrates and protect themselves from inflammation after exercise, from oxidative stress and maintain normal levels of immunity.

Is Banana Useful For Diabetics ?

Patients with diabetes, especially type II, can eat bananas so as to learn from all the vitamins, minerals and fibers present, but doctors always advise the necessity to eat bananas moderately, in order that they’ll like it, as bananas reduce glucose, which helps diabetics get obviate all Symptoms that affect them because of diabetes.

In a study conducted by a Chinese university on about half 1,000,000 Chinese in 2017, it confirmed that increasing the intake of fresh fruits, especially bananas, helps to induce eliminate the symptoms of diabetes and to get the required sugars naturally, and also helps to scale back the possibilities of vascular diseases, including diseases that occur due to the complications of diabetes, the study also confirmed that eating bananas reduces the danger of developing diabetes from the bottom up.

Bananas Prevent Depression

In the latest studies conducted on the nutrients found in bananas, the study confirmed that bananas contain abundant amounts of the important neurotransmitter serotonin, and this neurotransmitter helps to urge obviate symptoms of depression and check out to enhance mood and obtain eliminate stress and anxiety, and bananas also help through The vitamins in it, especially B vitamin, increase this neurotransmitter, meaning that eating only 1 banana may help improve your mood.

Serotonin is one in every of the neurotransmitters that helps the body to transmit messages between brain cells, especially neurons within the brain, and stimulate a sense of happiness and balance mood within the brain. Moods of humans, and thus these drugs is replaced by eating bananas in continuous quantities so as to supply serotonin.

Bananas are useful for ladies during their period

The period of the cycle is one in every of the difficult periods that ladies bear each month, and so there are some disorders and symptoms that appear on women during this era, whether before the menstrual bleeding or during the times of the cycle.

Recent studies have proven that eating bananas during menstruation helps increase the body’s supply of potassium and pyridoxine, and these and other elements help reduce fluid retention within the body, and reduce the sensation of bloating within the gastrointestinal system, by increasing potassium within the body, which is that the element is extremely important for the body of ladies during this difficult period of the month, so bananas are considered one among the foods that reduce the symptoms of PMS, so doctors recommend eating them during this era.

Bananas and Cancer .. Studies confirm the inhibition of cancer cells within the body

Modern science has discovered that bananas can reduce cancer cells within the body, because the nutrients in bananas discourage cancer cells within the body, in line with various studies that confirmed the elimination of free radicals, which are radicals that help increase the speed of cancers within the body. Several studies have confirmed, including a study published within the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2004 AD, and studies have confirmed that eating bananas inhibits cancer cells within the blood and thus reduces the prospect of developing leukemia, and these are the identical characteristics of eating banana juice, likewise as fruit crush, this can be because bananas are high in potassium and vitamin C.

There are many other studies that confirm that eating bananas also works to urge eliminate cancer within the renal cells, because it reduces the prospect of developing this kind of cancer, in keeping with a study and experiment conducted within the year 2004 AD, which was published within the International Journal of Cancer specialized in publishing news Cancer treatment, where this study was conducted on thousands of ladies in Sweden and confirmed that bananas are among the foods that provide the body with antioxidants that reduce the prospect of assorted cancers, especially kidney cancer.

Banana Damage

There are some disadvantages to bananas, despite their many benefits.

Doctors have warned against eating bananas for a few cases that suffer from itching, swelling, difficulty breathing and symptoms of respiratory allergies for fear of complications that will occur.

Also, caution should be exercised in some cases that take beta-blocker drugs, because of the high level of potassium within the blood, which can be dangerous within the presence of those drugs, and thus caution should be exercised.

Teeth should even be cleaned well after eating bananas, because it causes decay over other fruits.