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All You Wish To Understand About Bananas Part 1

All You Wish To Understand About Bananas Part 1

What is a Banana Fruit?

The first information during this comprehensive presentation is that the banana fruit grows in many regions of the globe, especially in tropical and semi-tropical regions, where it grows in African nation, northern South America, the Caribbean islands and Southeast Asia, which is that the original home of the banana, but now it’s grown in several conditions and every one over the globe. And on all continents thanks to the qualitative boom in agriculture and therefore the technology of growing fruit species.

Bananas belong to the liliopsid family, which are tropical flowering plants, and these fruits grow in numerous shapes and sizes.

High Nutritional Value in Banana Fruit

Banana fruit has many nutrients that are unparalleled in other fruits, which is what made this fruit friendly to humans because it maintains his health and wellness greatly. Banana contains many nutrients like potassium, because it is that the first source of potassium in fruits and nutrients that it eats. Human.

Bananas also contain vitamin C, manganese, pyridoxine and a few active compounds for brain cells that stimulate dopamine or the hormone of happiness within the brain. These substances and elements is exploited to shield against various diseases and obtain obviate other chronic diseases while continuing to eat these compounds that are found in bananas.

In addition to those nutrients that we presented within the previous lines, bananas have balanced calories, because they contain some elements like carbohydrates, protein and other elements beneficial to the body, and these calories differ mainly within the main size of the banana, for instance, alittle banana a awfully large banana can provide the body with about 72 calories, while a medium-sized banana can provide the body with about 105 calories, while an outsized banana can provide the body from 120-130 calories, and eating a cup of banana puree can provide the body with about 200 calories.

Information about banana juice and the way to profit from it

Bananas contain many nutrients that we discussed within the previous lines, but it’s known that there are some fruits that lack this high nutritional value if they’re squeezed and eaten within the style of drinking juice, but this is often not found within the banana fruit that doesn’t lose these elements, so you’ll dear The reader should eat and drink banana juice and have the benefit of all its nutrients, and tin can be added thereto, and this provides many useful nutrients, especially for youngsters.

Do Banana Skin Benefits?

It is true that we don’t eat the banana skin, and obtain eliminate it completely, but scientists have discovered many wonderful nutrients found within the banana skin, as they confirmed that the banana skin contains many nutrients like pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin, potassium, dietary fiber, magnesium, protein, fat-soluble vitamin and a few compounds. Which contains antioxidants, and also the banana skin are often employed in slimming and weight loss by using it in food supplements used for this purpose, and it can help regulate the metabolism, which implies that the banana skin contains these benefits.

Bananas and Pressure Level

If you suffer from force per unit area, you ought to watch out for eating foods that contain a high percentage of potassium, including bananas, of course, because they’ll control high pressure through the shortage of sodium within the blood that’s excreted through the urine, as potassium helps It reduces the damaging effects of sodium on the body, and thus helps reduce force per unit area and relieve tension within the walls of blood vessels, but with caution by eating a high percentage of daily potassium, which should equal 4,700 milligrams, and thus you must eat foods rich in potassium, but in certain amounts, Not by eating an excessive amount of, additionally to knowing, dear vital sign patient, that there are many foods that facilitate your get potassium, including bananas, of course, but there are many other fruits like avocado, cantaloupe, mushroom food and other fruits or vegetables.

Banana For Pregnant Women

Are you sure you’re pregnant? So now you want to watch out for all the nutrients you eat that will be dangerous to pregnancy and install it in its period, where you want to immediately take many health measures, including the mandatory analyzes and so consult a specialist doctor who helps you in developing a diet that suits Your first days of pregnancy and your health.

Bananas are a disciple of pregnant women, because they contain many nutrients that are very rich for the pregnant woman, which needs a high percentage of fiber, likewise as pyridoxine, which is found in bananas in abundance, which helps the pregnant woman at the start of pregnancy to induce obviate the sensation of nausea and vomiting that accompany pregnant women in onset of pregnancy

Therefore, we advise you, dear pregnant woman, to eat bananas daily within the morning, which helps you to induce eliminate this painful feeling that accompanies you throughout the primary days of pregnancy, but after consulting a doctor.

Banana Benefits For Colon Patients

If you’re a colon patient, you’ll eat bananas to alleviate colon pain. it’s known that bananas are very useful in terms of digestion, because it improves the performance of the gastrointestinal system, because it contains some important elements that help the digestion process to manage, like resistant starch and pectin, and these elements et al produce variety of beneficial bacteria within the stomach and colon. These bacteria called butyrates help produce carboxylic acid, which is answerable for maintaining the system.

Studies during this regard have also confirmed that bananas contain some very useful compounds besides these bacteria and might be supplied to the body to take care of the systema alimentarium from some serious diseases, especially the danger of carcinoma, and eating bananas contributes to reducing the possibilities of infection with some diseases like inflammatory bowel disease.

Banana relationship with weight, does it increase or decrease?

The relationship of bananas with weight is intertwined, as doctors say, as there are many studies that confirm that bananas help in losing weight, like the study published in 2010 AD, within the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, and also the study was conducted on a bunch of patients Obesity, and this study resulted in many health aspects, as an example, enhancing resistant starch within the body and thus helping the body to provide internal organs with properties and compounds that help melt off significantly and burn fat, and bananas, if eaten in certain amounts, increase satiety. And reduce appetite, and thus melt off, and this contains many nutrients that help slimming and weight loss, and make it a part of the nutrients within the health system.

In contrast to the present study, eating bananas and a few other foods might not cause urgent weight loss, but it can help during this thanks to its placement within the diet, that is, it’s an element among another factors that help reduce, as bananas contain carbohydrates. And calories, and bananas may be eaten as a awfully snack together with another foods rich in calories like oats, yogurt, unsweetened juices, nuts and paste, and every one of those can increase weight in some cases when eaten in large quantities for those that suffer from thinness, meaning that they’ll be useful Only during this aspect, but in another aspect they will not be useful.

Ripe Bananas are an Excellent Treat

Several studies have shown that eating bananas in line with their maturity may be a decent treatment for constipation, as an example, yellow fully ripe bananas, which you’ll eat, contain many important nutrients, including natural fibers, and so is also an honest treatment for constipation, because it increases the degree of stool and makes it soft this can be in line with many studies.

Ripe bananas facilitate bm and reduce constipation, and this can be in contrast to what’s common among those who eating lots of bananas could also be one in all the items that helps increase the speed of constipation, and this can be contrary to what recent scientific studies have said supported experience, observation and observation.

But indeed, there are some cases which will suffer from constipation because of excessive consumption of bananas, and this was confirmed by some recent scientific studies, including a scientific study supported some experiments conducted within the year 2005 AD, and published by the eu Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, where some cases suffered from Constipation thanks to eating ripe bananas of yellow color, but this study is that the just one and it should be only these cases that suffer from these issues, but in most cases, the one who eats bananas rarely suffers from constipation.

If we discuss yellow bananas, green bananas, which are immature bananas, could also be useful every now and then, as they contain a kind of dietary fiber that contains resistant starch within the body, as this kind is distinguished when eaten on the power of the system to digest it properly. it’s natural without reaching the colon, unlike the mature one, and this is often what works to slowly ferment its nutrients by bacteria within the stomach, which inspires the intestines to soak up an oversized amount of water, as this helps in treating constipation by making stools softer, and also helps the method of excreting normal.

One study published in 2001 confirmed that eating unripe bananas can treat diarrhea in children who are suffering from it. Experiments were conducted on children aged between 5-12 months. The study confirmed that green bananas cooked for these infants can It reduces the number of stool and also the duration of their diarrhea, but experience has not shown the same effect on adults who are suffering from diarrhea.

This previous experience, on the opposite hand, didn’t show a number of the health aspects that differentiate between ripe bananas and green bananas in relieving chronic diarrhea, because ripe bananas contain a sufficient amount of resistant starch, which supplies the identical effect as green bananas in relieving diarrhea.

Eat Bananas Before Bed and on an Empty Stomach

You can eat bananas at any time of the day, but we’ll concentrate on a number of the nice times that you simply can eat bananas when, studies have confirmed that eating bananas before bed helps you supply the body with melatonin, a hormone that’s largely secreted within the dark, because it works to retort to The body is drowsy, and also the organs feel alert.

Bananas also help the body when eating before bedtime to provide the body with a high percentage of the organic compound called tryptophan, which increases the number of melatonin that’s manufactured within the body’s organs, and thus bananas is eaten for a quiet sleep, off from disturbances and in a very healthy manner.

Some studies have stated that eating bananas with another tropical fruits like oranges and pineapples helps to concentrate melatonin within the blood, which increases the antioxidants within the body, which helps to sleep better.

One of the wonderful times that facilitate your take full advantage of bananas is to eat bananas on an empty stomach, where you’ll eat bananas on an empty stomach and on an empty stomach, which works to supply the body with many benefits, including slow digestion, which is one amongst the uncommonly beneficial processes, because of food fermentation within the stomach Bananas contain many elements that help within the fermentation of nutrients within the stomach.