Tips to keep the child healthy


Tips to keep the child healthy

The child always needs more care and a spotlight to become healthy as his childhood health is reflected in his adulthood, so he must complete it from the instant of his birth because the child from birth is exposed to disease and setbacks in his health thanks to his weak immunity and lots of parents are unaware of what happens to their children especially if He was the primary baby for them, so care must be taken to safeguard the child’s health and protect him from exposure to diseases that harm his health.


Leave the kid alone:

Also, use caution to not leave the kid alone reception, as disasters can happen reception.

Sleeping Early:

Also, the kid should get accustomed sleeping early as a baby thanks to its great benefit to the body and health normally.

Suitable clothes:

The child must wear clothes that are suitable for the weather. Heavy clothes in winter and light-weight in summer aren’t preferable to be exposed to direct sunlight, especially the blazing afternoon sun.

Sit long ahead of the TV:

don’t allow your child to be present for long hours ahead of the TV and computer, because it contains radiation that damages his eyes and body.

External food:

Always ensure your child doesn’t eat foreign food or whose source is unknown, as this can make him susceptible to disease.


When the daddy smokes, don’t let him smoke before of your child in order that he doesn’t inhale the smoke and is exposed to crises in his chest, as this is often called passive smoking, meaning that the kid becomes a smoker also as his father because of inhaling cigarette smoke.


Some children suffer from allergies to some food, like bananas, strawberries and manga, where allergies appear within the kind of a rash, tears secretion, runny nose and difficulty breathing, during this case, please head to the hospital directly and consult the specialist doctor, while the excessive sensitivity is within the style of a rash additionally to diarrhea Chronic constipation and vomiting, the treatment is to avoid food.

Asthma and diabetes:

There are children full of asthma or diabetes, and here the child’s school should be contacted thanks to his presence most of the time there. Sometimes the kid needs care and treatment like taking doses of antibiotics, and there are children on the opposite hand that require permanent medical aid, they also enjoy the identical rights In terms of admission to varsities and participation in regular activities moreover, but they have support and support sometimes, but there are health conditions that can’t be proscribed but rather require sending the kid to colleges equipped to receive these cases.


Cough may be a disease that accompanies most youngsters and adults also. The causes that cause it, like pneumonia, diphtheria, bronchitis, yet because the causes caused by asthma, bronchial irritation, and nasal sinusitis, differ. The presence of wheezing within the lung and heart immediately calls a specialist doctor. If you discover that your child suffers from a gentle cough, it may be treated reception by eating medicinal herbs like thyme, while avoiding cough medicines for kids at the age of three because they contain chemicals.

Get enough sleep

You should encourage your child from his early years to sleep early, as sleep helps to strengthen the system and stimulates the brain and strengthens memory and improves mood and provides the body activity and vitality, and it also helps the body to grow properly, so it’s important that your child sleeps a minimum of 8 hours So on ensure his health.

Dependence on natural juices

Preventing the kid from drinking artificially-sweetened juices, soft drinks and energy drinks because they increase the danger of diabetes and obesity, and the maximum amount as possible hoping on natural juices like raspberry juice, oranges, lemons and apples, juices will give him all the required nutrients, and this protects him from the danger of disease.

Drink lots of water

Encouraging the kid to drink water in appropriate quantities in separate stages, because the water has great benefits, because it facilitates digestion, prevents exposure to constipation, gets obviate toxins, and protects against droughts. Water also stimulates blood circulation and organizes vital functions in his body, and this provides the kid activity and vitality.

Eat healthy food

Fast food causes obesity and exposes it to anemia, it’s free from any nutritional value, so it’s better to forestall it from eating it and encourage it to eat healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, dairy products, and cheese. These foods provide it with all vitamins and minerals for the expansion of its body naturally.

Allocated to try and do leisure activities

Psychologists advise that the kid should engage in some recreational activities like skiing, swimming, team games, visiting the town of games, camping, these activities will help to make a healthy character and can rid the kid of his fear to become more confident in himself.

Playing mind games

Chess, puzzle, sudoku are all games that stimulate imagination and stimulate mental processes and develop the child’s intellect, which results in a rise within the level of intelligence and therefore the power of observation, so make sure to encourage your child to practice them if you would like to take care of his psychological state.

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