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Methods of disease prevention

Methods of disease prevention

With the abundance of strange diseases and epidemics that are spreading in our time, and which scientists haven’t been able to eliminate, we must always watch out as possible, and know the foremost important healthy and healthy behaviors to forestall these diseases and epidemics.


Some daily practices and changes in our lifestyle is also a reason to safeguard us, so we must always not be reluctant to research and investigate modern methods of prevention and treatment. What are the methods and behaviors that has to be followed so as to forestall various diseases? What are the foremost important tips?

Get enough water

Drinking a glass of lukewarm water upon awakening within the morning helps alert your intestine to begin working, also wash your stomach, cleanse your kidneys, and alert the liver to start secreting yellow juice, thereby making your body ready for breakfast. additionally, water throughout the day reduces your risk of renal disorder, because it helps to extend the freshness and radiance of the skin, so experts advise to drink 2-3 liters of water per day to enjoy better health.

Chew the food well

Chewing food is a crucial factor that protects against gastrointestinal diseases, because the chewing process helps convert starch into easy-to-absorb sugars, and chewing food is useful in preparing the stomach by secreting digestive juices. irrespective of the above, chewing food well has been shown to extend the strength of the teeth and their resistance to caries.

Doing exercise

Exercise makes your BMI within the traditional limit, maintains your shape, gives the body beauty and harmony, strengthens and stimulates muscles, works to manage blood circulation and digestion, strengthens bones, maintains mental state, and improves general mood.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is one amongst the mandatory things that helps the body to grow and rest, and if you are doing not get enough sleep, you’ll suffer from many problems, like metabolic disorders and high force per unit area, and sleep immediately after eating may cause indigestion. it’s recommended to sleep in the dark, especially from 11 in the dark, at a mean of eight hours per day, and this can make sure that your body, mind and organs get complete rest, and adequate sleep and body comfort strengthens immunity against diseases.

Eat yogurt and curd

Some people eat yogurt with dinner or before visiting bed, and it’s one amongst the healthiest behaviors that you simply might do, providing the yogurt contains easily digestible proteins, and it also benefits those that take antibiotics, because it compensates for the beneficial bacteria that may be killed by These antidotes. additionally to the above, milk helps within the digestion process. It contains the bacteria beneficial to the stomach, which is that the carboxylic acid bacteria that contain a gaggle of vitamins and amino acids, because it helps to digest foods and cleanse the stomach and intestines, and reduce the incidence of diarrhea by killing parasites within the body.

Drink lukewarm drinks

Did you recognize that watching for the tea to cool down down a touch could be a healthy and beneficial behavior? It protects you from several diseases. Lukewarm drinks that don’t seem to be too hot or too cold prevent damage to the mouth, tongue, and teeth, and that they protect the stomach from many damages, including that cold or hot drinks inhibit digestive enzymes, Thus, you will have indigestion, and stomach pain.

Moderation in walking, sitting or sleeping

You must take a correct position in sitting, sleeping and walking, so as to not be exposed to any deformation in your bones or spine, so as to avoid developing vertebrae, or bone pain, as this preserves your strength and structure, and you want to bend within the correct way, so as to not hurt Your back. And you’ll be able to follow this video explaining the importance and the way to sit down right