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Harmful foods for the stomach

Harmful foods for the stomach

Most of the diseases of the body start from the stomach, and protecting and maintaining your stomach is necessarily protection for the remainder and various parts of your body. find out about harmful foods for your stomach.
Now, find out about some foods that are harmful to your stomach in certain cases.


1- Foods harmful to an empty stomach:

Pies and pastries :

Pancakes, pastries, or foods that are included within the preparation and composition of “yeast” generally are very harmful if eaten on an empty stomach, because the yeast causes irritation to the stomach wall, which can cause stomach swelling or perhaps ulceration of the stomach.

sweets :

Eating sweets on an empty stomach boosts insulin levels within the blood, which successively greatly increases the burden on the pancreas, which continues to be at the start of the day and is preparing for work, which can result in diabetes.

Pears :

Pears contain a high percentage of raw fibers, which cause damage to the fragile mucous membranes within the structure of the stomach if you eat them on an empty stomach.

tomatoes :

Tomatoes are advised to not eat them on an empty stomach in the least, because they contain a awfully high percentage of tannin, which increases the acidity of the stomach, which leads and results in stomach ulcers.

the banana :

Eating bananas on an empty stomach can cause a pointy increase within the amount of magnesium within the blood, which over time will damage the guts.

Spices and chili :

Spices, spices or hot foods that they contain generally if you eat them on an empty stomach cause damage and irritation to the mucosa of the stomach, and increase the assembly of acid within the stomach, which successively causes most diseases and pain within the systema alimentarium.

Cold soft drinks :

Drinking soft drinks normally is one amongst the foremost harmful things generally, but additionally thereto, drinking it within the morning on an empty stomach can cause damage to the mucosa, and also reduce the blood supply to the stomach, and thus the result’s slowing down the digestive process and therefore the occurrence of indigestion.

2. Foods that cause indigestion :

Fatty and fried foods :

Fatty and fried foods are among the foods that almost all confuse the stomach, and also the result’s within the style of stomach acid and acid reflux. additionally, fatty foods may change the colour of the stool to a lighter modify what’s called “fatty diarrhea”, which ends up from a rise within the proportion of fat within the stool it’s advised for colon patients to avoid fatty foods because they cause digestive problems

Chili pepper :

Hot pepper works to irritate the esophagus and acidity, and it should cause many problems for colon patients or for those littered with heartburn pain or stomach infections.

Dairy products :

Calcium is crucial in our diet and also the easiest method to induce it from dairy products, but thanks to lactose dairy products cause bloating, diarrhea and stomach ache. Lactose irritates when our body doesn’t produce enough lactose-digesting enzymes in dairy products, and digestive disorders and chemotherapy also cause lactose irritation.

Alcohols :

Alcohol relaxes the body, but it also relaxes the muscles of the esophagus, which can result in acid reflux or heartburn. Drinking alcohol works on inflammation of the stomach wall and hinders the secretion of digestive enzymes and therefore the absorption of nutrients.